Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
 Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

​Do you WANT to CHANGE? Change happens because you want it too....  Hypnotherapy can help you with such areas as:

  • Improving Confidence - Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways and overtime can build up without us even realising. Suddenly you may find you feel less confident in certain situations, maybe feel very nervous if having to do a presentation at work or maybe feel people are not listening to you?  Hypnotherapy can help you feel more confident in all areas of your life by wanting to make changes and focusing on how confident you can be in all situations of your life.


  • Insomnia - Anxiety can make bedtime daunting if you suffer from insomnia. You may wake in the early hours of the morning and can't get back to sleep or can't get to sleep in the first place. We need between 7/8 hours sleep each night to be able to function and live happy, healthy lives. Some people cope with far less sleep and as we get older you may actually need less sleep. Hypnotherapy will help encourage relaxation prior to sleep and for other issues such as stress, anxiety, depression or illness causing insomnia, hypnotherapy will help focus on how to make changes in your life,  working towards a better night’s sleep.


  • Fears and Phobias - We can suffer from many fears and phobias, such as: a fear of flying; spiders; heights; snakes; social situations; fear of public speaking, to name but a few.  Hypnotherapy can help address these issues is a safe, relaxed environment.


  • Stress and Anxiety - We all experience stress. Some degree of stress is essential to help us function effectively and to enjoy life to the full. However, when it becomes too much for us to cope with it can affect the quality of our lives. It can lead to a lack of motivation, underachievement, deep unhappiness and depression, affect personal relationships and cause distressing physical symptoms such as panic attacks, IBS, PTSD or OCD. Stress and anxiety can be as a result of specific physical/social or emotional circumstances or can be a buildup of difficulties. It can become a learned behaviour and we then get stuck in a negative cycle of thought, symptoms and behaviour. Acute/chronic stress and anxiety sets off our primitive fight/flight stress response in order to ensure our survival.  Whereas we have evolved, our primitive brain hasn't, but it has adapted and manifests in modern symptoms of anger, anxiety and depression. Often it is not the events of ones lives that cause us stress and anxiety but our perceptions of those events. Psychotherapy, avoiding  problem-talk, will explore what specifically is making you feel anxious and hypnotherapy will use positive relaxing imagery to consolidate what we have learned to help achieve the goals you want to achieve in life.


  • Weight Management - Hypnotherapy helps in so many ways for controlling our weight.  By reducing our stress levels that in turn reduces the physiological processes that encourage us to store fat and reduce energy expenditure, we are able to change our mindset and promote positive habits which encourage a healthier lifestyle and control.


  • Stopping Smoking - Scientific evidence shows that cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK...If you really want to give up, hypnosis can help. Anti-smoking therapy is done in one session. There is no need for an initial consultation. You will get either a CD or MP3 download to assist you on your journey to becoming a non-smoker.


  • Depression - Depression can often make you feel lonely and isolated. You put a smile on your face but feel numb inside. Possible symptoms: extreme sadness; lack of interest in activities; fatigue and loss of energy; insomnia; inappropriate guilt; unable to concentrate; significant weight loss or gain. Hypnotherapy can help break down the negative trance states of the depression. Medication from your GP can be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy to promote a speedy recovery. We aim to reduce the symptoms and any risk of successive episodes. You must want to make the changes and be willing to engage in the therapeutic process and with encouragement you will focus on the future the way you want it to be...


  • IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a functional disorder of the gut. There is no known cause of IBS. It is a common problem that can develop at any time, affecting 1in 5 people in the UK at some stage in their lives. IBS has a significant impact on the quality of life and creates considerable anxiety and stress. There are different types of IBS and it's regarded as a medical condition.  It is important you contact your Dr first for information, advice and diagnosis. In the UK research conducted by Prof Peter Whorwell of Manchester University, demonstrated that hypnotherapy has high levels of effectiveness and sustained improvements over long periods of time, helping all symptoms of IBS. In Feb 2008, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) which gives guidance to NHS on effective treatments, published guidance for GP's and Consultants stating that there was good evidence that hypnotherapy was an effective IBS treatment and it could be recommended for chronic IBS.


  • OldPain2Go ... this is a fantastic and effective quick technique. if you have been suffering with pain for 6 months or more and there's nothing more that will help except maybe painkillers,  OldPain2Go can help. Arthritis, Old Injury/Accident Pain, Fatigue Conditions, Joint Pains, Alergies, even Emotional Pain can all be eased. If you have any issue that you feel this technique may be able to help with, please Contact me to discuss.
  • and much more ... The above are only a few examples of the areas hypnosis can help. If you have any issue that you feel hypnotherapy may be able to help with, please Contact me to discuss.

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